• RSE Survey 2021

    Complete the international RSE survey and help us understand the RSE community

  • End of Year Message from the Co-chairs

    Dear RSEs,

    2020 has been quite a year so congratulations for making it to the end! This year has certainly demonstrated that RSE-AUNZ is a strong and resilient community. While everyone probably had some initial jitters, we all settled into our new ways of working and collaborating.

    From the RSE-AUNZ community perspective, we organised a few well-attended events.

    • We started the year with an in-person (different times!) RSE workshop at eResearch NZ 2020 where we had RSE’s discuss their career journeys.

    • We held our first ever fully virtual NZ RSE conference, which was attended by 150 members of the community from Australia and New Zealand.

  • RSE Impact Stories at eResearch Australasia 2020

    In a session called RSE Impact Stories , Justin Baker (CSIRO) chaired a discussion with two experienced RSEs:

  • SORSE Call for Contributions

    A global collaboration has established the International Series of Online Research Software Events, aka SORSE (pronounced ‘sauce’). The goal is to provide an opportunity for RSEs to develop and grow their skills, build new collaborations and engage with RSEs worldwide.

  • RSE-AUNZ Online Events

    RSE-AUNZ, in association with the ARDC is planning to run regular online events on topics of interest to the RSE community.

  • RSE mini-conference at eResearch Australasia

    The RSE Mini-conference on the 21st of October 2019 in Brisbane, Queensland is the first time in Australasia that the Research Software Engineer (RSE) community will bring together its members to share experiences and knowledge at their own conference. This is important as the 2018International RSE Survey conducted among Australian and New Zealand researchers found that the majority of the respondents wanted networking as the top priority of an RSE organisation.

  • Australian results of the 2018 International RSE Survey

    In 2018, the RSE-AUNZ Association participated in an international survey [1] organized by the Software Sustainability Institute in the UK, with questions tailored for AU and NZ contexts [2].

  • Review of the RSE community at C3DIS

    The Collaborative Conference on Computational and Data Intensive Science (C3DIS) 2019 was on from the 6th to the 10th of May. We asked for members of the RSE community to volunteer to help us run a Hacky Hour in the evening of Wednesday the 8th May and to also extend an invitation to the Friday the 10th all day RSE workshop.

  • The First Survey of RSEs in Australia and New Zealand

    We are participating in the international survey for RSEs simultaneously run across Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and USA. The purpose of this survey is to collect information about people who develop research software. This survey gives you the opportunity to express your views about your current job and your career path, and constitutes a first step towards identifying the key characteristics of the RSE community in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Welcome to the RSE Community in Australia and New Zealand

    Hi there and welcome to the RSE Community in Australia and New Zealand.

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