RSE-AUNZ has four main goals:

  1. Maintain an active, diverse, sustainable RSE Community.

  2. Define the role of RSEs within the eResearch, Academic, and Professional context.

  3. Form a connection between communities: people and organisations.

  4. Obtain recognition for RSE-AUNZ and its role.


The Steering Committee is actively working on six deliverables, through which RSE-AUNZ can progress its goals:

  1. Publish a Manifesto or Mission Statement.

  2. Define Personas, Profiles, or Personal Stories of the people that form the RSE community.

  3. Create Impact Stories to inform organisations about RSE.

  4. Establish a permanent Web Presence to be launched at eResearch Australasia 2019.

  5. Run Face-to-face Meetings and grow contacts in states and regional areas not yet engaged.

  6. Create an Info Pack for local RSE Groups.