The RSE Association of Australia and New Zealand

This community aims to build awareness of the diverse Research Software Engineer (RSE) roles, to connect volunteers in the RSE domain, and to help build practical solutions for the RSE community.

This community is for:

researchers and academics
who code
who brings communities together across the
research and technical domains
software engineers
who work in the research domain
systems administrators
who maintains research systems

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September 2022 is RSE conference time!

About the RSE movement

The term RSE, originally coined by the UK, Society of Research Software Engineering, says the following about RSEs:

“A growing number of people in academia combine expertise in programming with an intricate understanding of research. Although this combination of skills is extremely valuable, these people lack a formal place in the academic system.”

Inspired by the success of the RSE Association in UK, we
established an Australasian Chapter of the RSE Association. Together with international bodies and support from our national organisations such as AeRO, NeSI, the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC), and research institutions, we aim to campaign for the recognition and wider adoption of the RSE role within the research ecosystem. Alongside this, appropriate recognition, reward and career opportunities for RSEs are needed. We plan to organise regular events to allow RSEs to meet, exchange knowledge and collaborate on methods to create these opportunities.

An initial Expression of Interest survey in 2017 among Australian and New Zealand researchers and found that a majority of the respondents prioritised:

  1. Increased recognition of the RSE role,
  2. More appropriate, consistent and representative position descriptions and KPIs, and
  3. Community development through regular events and gatherings.

Please join us to actively work on how we can grow this community and advocate for others. Together, we can build a sustainable community that benefits research software engineers, and ultimately contributes to more efficient and reproducible research.

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